about me

education, motivation and inspiration

After a 5-years part-time drawing- education at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium I did the 3-years specialisation Drawing.  I also attended a workshop making monoprints: prints made by acryl paint on paper in which imprints are made with several objects. These prints I use as a base for my drawings. 

In 2017 I attended the online course 'Experimenting with collage' at the MoMa in New York. Since then I made, beside my drawings on mono-prints, collages which are accumulations of parts of cutted paper taken from a several sources such as magazines news-papers, folders and even all kind of materials found in the streets. I cut and torn pieces and add them together, sometimes on existent underlays as calendar sheets or monoprints. For future use in mixed media I organise and store all kinds of materials such as cutted paper objects, wall paper, music books, old maps, flat tin cans -thrown anway on the streets-, old textiles, feathers, orange and other coloured nets from fruit and vegetable and leafs and seeds from trees to use them in mixed media.

From a young age I had a fascination of our past and our future and the tracks we leave behind.  In earlier jobs as an police officer and as an assistant-archeologist I was, among other things, occupied researching tracks and in my last job,  before I was retired,  I literally dealed with tracks and ‘railway affairs’. 

My mindis chaotic, my thoughts flash back and forth and in a conversation I jump from one subject to another. That chaos reflects in my collages and drawings and in the prints I make. In some of the paintings I recognize the same chaos.

To face the chaos I organize structure in my drawings and show it in my work by certain arrangements. I occasionally wondered if searching for grip in structures is a reason why I am touched by the interplay of lines in a space or a building, like a row of trees, lines in a landscape or the lines of rails.  In that context I love the landscape paintings of Koen Vermeule and the detailed street paintings of Koen van den Broek or Paul Klee.